Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were seen mansion-hunting last week and they went out for more real estate options this weekend, this time with her kids. There’s not much to the photos, but you can see them at TMZ. Just today, a new set of photos is being distributed of JLo at the construction site of a new home, climbing a ladder to take a look along with an architect. Ben does not appear to be in these shots. But all of this of course is only fueling more speculation that they may be moving in together. 


As I wrote in my post last week about their mansion hunting trips, I’m not convinced that that’s what’s happening here. I mean, I totally believe that Bennifer is serious and committed, I just don’t know that they’re about to start sharing a home. And as I also noted in that post, it’s possible, more and more, for couples to maintain a commitment and separate residences. In fact, just the other day, the New York Times published a piece by Francine Russo about “LAT” relationships: “living apart together”. 

“While researchers have not yet delved deeply into the demographics of those in LAT relationships, anecdotally it seems to be more prevalent among those at high enough socioeconomic levels to be able to maintain separate households.”

The report mostly focuses on “later in life” couples, which certainly doesn’t apply to Bennifer but the point here is that both Ben and JLo meet the “high enough socioeconomic levels” and the complicated financial wrangling that can come from people with that kind of wealth having to untangle themselves from each other – which Ben and JLo each have their own experiences with. 


But can the girl who loves love stay in love without doing it the conventional fairy tale way with the wedding and the shared home? Could Bennifer 2021 be JLo’s modern love? 

Here’s JLo at a studio this weekend in between mansion missions. Going by the sweatsuit, I’m guessing she’s there for ADR, perhaps for the movie Marry Me, co-starring Maluma and Owen Wilson, which is supposed to be out on Valentine’s Day next year. No idea if she’s actually there for ADR but I just wanted an excuse to say that I really want to see this movie because I am very curious about her chemistry with Owen, as she plays a popstar who dumps her cheating fiancé and agrees to marry the fan holding up a “marry me” sign at her concert. Just the thought of Owen holding up that sign is cracking me up. But mostly, this is a rom-com, a proper Valentine’s Day rom-com, starring two people in their 50s. We need more all-ages rom-coms!