After several days straight of non-stop amazing Bennifer content from Venice to New York, for which we are grateful (!), Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have returned to Los Angeles. JLo was seen running errands and heading to the studio, back to work. 


Wait, what do you mean “back” to work? It’s always work. It’s always hustle. 

Here’s an example. Remember Bennifer in Venice? Of course you do. Ben was there for the world premiere of The Last Duel and JLo was with him on the carpet. But do you also remember those shots of her on the gondola? 

Jennfer Lopez on a gondola in Venice for a photo shoot, September 11, 2021

She stepped out on her own on a couple of occasions while he was doing promotion for his film, and it turns out, she was working too. Because this is what the gondola was for

JLo loves love, no doubt. It’s easy to forget though that while she’s loving love, she’s also a boss. That wasn’t just a love trip then. I mean, sure, Bennifer wanted to be together to premiere themselves but she also capitalised on the situation and turned it into a work trip for her beauty line. Which means, since it wasn’t all personal, she could probably expense all the costs of the security, the hair and beauty team, etc etc etc? I know talking about budgets and planning isn’t sexy, but it should be – because here, in this case, she was the CEO in Venice with her boyfriend, the actor. JLo Beauty should start marketing next to men though, non? Because, I mean, Ben is walking around with a big glow, even John Oliver commented on it on Last Week Tonight.