The knock on Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez from people who for whatever reason aren’t into is often that theirs is a relationship for publicity. I’m not saying they don’t like the attention and that they don’t use it to their advantage, but it can also be true that they are legitimately a couple – one doesn’t have to cancel out the other. Also, where celebrity couples are concerned, I mean it’s a spectrum of thirst. Bennifer isn’t the only couple out there putting themselves on blast. How many examples of celebrity couple thirst did we see on Monday night at the Met Gala?


Speaking of the Met Gala though – JLo attended last September during part one of the In America series. You’ll remember she was in a western-inspired outfit and Ben was there too, they just didn’t pose on the carpet together but there was a photo them taken inside the party

Bennifer was not at the Met Gala on Monday. They were photographed out and about in LA in kinda matching outfits and holding hands. Had they wanted to go? Please. Of course there would have been tickets available. Any numbers of designers would have wanted Bennifer at their table, maybe even all of them. But for whatever reason, Bennifer decided not to step into that spotlight. You don’t have to re-read that, it is not a typo. They did NOT step into that spotlight. 

Because there will be enough spotlight in the weeks to come as JLo approaches the release of her Netflix documentary, Halftime. I wonder if she’s being quiet deliberately. She hasn’t posted on her IG feed in a week. That’s unusual too. Does that mean a trailer is coming soon?