Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez kept their love pretty quiet during the Christmas break – no sightings, no appearances on social – but they’re sending us into 2022 with a final 2021 update, at least on this site. It’s still possible that we’ll get more Bennifer content tomorrow for New Year’s Eve, but since we’re not posting tomorrow, unless something mega happens (and please note that my version of “mega” 100% will not involve Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian, even though yours might), this is our last Bennifer post of the year. And it has been a YEAR.


Ben and JLo were out for lunch with her kids yesterday. They’ve been pretty quiet since a few days before Christmas. As you can see here, their outfits match. I actually like this jacket over cardigan thing he’s doing – it’s a good look on him. But I’m more curious about the takeaway boxes. That’s at least three boxes, what did they order?! What was left over?! 

As we wind down 2021, there is no doubt, Bennifer 2.0 has been one of the biggest celebrity stories of the year. It was a story that no one believed could and would actually happen…again. It’s the kind of wild celebrity fantasy you’d expect to see on some celebrity astrologer prediction list. It could have been an April Fool’s joke. 


It was in April this year that JLo ended her engagement to Alex Rodriguez. In April Ben was shooting The Tender Bar in the Boston area four months after his split with Ana de Armas. Interestingly, on April 15, I wrote about Ben in this post here and at the end, I noted that:

“JLo and Ben Affleck are single at the same time. For all the non-stop rumour-hoping that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston might get back together, do we have the same energy for the OG Bennifer? Think of how much joy they gave us!”

Never in my wildest dreams…

But two weeks later, on a Friday afternoon, like a classic gossip news dump, Ben was seen leaving her place, and we haven’t looked back. It’s been eight straight months of the best Bennifer. 

Can they keep this energy through 2022? Gossip was better for them in 2021. I maintain, I won’t complain. More would be nice.