Jennifer Lopez stepped out yesterday or what the paps are calling a dermatologist appointment, apparently for the second day in a row. JLo recently launched a skincare line and as Maria wrote in her post about the products, of course we all want JLo’s skin – but it’s more than serum and moisturiser involved in getting that famous JLo glow: 

“But as with all things beauty, there are other things at play: genetics (huge), her healthy lifestyle (no smoking and she has said in the past she doesn’t drink a lot), a nutrient-dense diet and her workouts probably all contribute to her face. There are also facials and, maybe, some lasers and even some very judicious injections (nothing severe or obvious).”


If it’s true that she was seeing the dermatologist then, I wonder what her treatments were. I’m also jealous. Because it’s been a long ass f-cking time since I’ve had a treatment, the treatment I’ve sworn by for over a decade: the micro + cold gel laser double blast I get from my skin magician Lorinda Zimmerman at W Skincare. The protein mask that I get from her has saved my skin this year though – and for those of you who are always asking me about it, this is the one I call the “cumshot” mask and after it dries you peel it off like a second skin and, in my experience, my pores disappear. I use it before every major show, the Age-Defying Milk Protein Mask by Bio Jouvance. If you order it from her website, you’ll be helping a small business owner. 


Can we talk about JLo’s outfit now? At first I thought her dress what black and white check print. Upon closer inspection, those are actually white dots and she’s accessorised the outfit with a houndstooth hat and I’m pretty sure the hat comes with a veil. Well there’s some drama. 

JLo’s clashing a lot of prints here full-body from head to toe with the dress and the hat and the bag. Is it working for you? I think it works for me, even though I don’t love the dress. I like the collar for sure. I like the length definitely. But I wish it wasn’t sheer. It would be so much cuter for me if it wasn’t sheer.