JLO says ARod is “supportive”

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 28, 2017 15:34:28 April 28, 2017 15:34:28

Jennifer Lopez performed at the Billboard Latin Music Awards in Miami last night. She sang her new Spanish single, Mirate. And she wore two dresses and I’m not sure why she bothered changing because, to me anyway, they’re exactly the same. And here’s where you tell me, Lainey, ugh, you’re stupid because clearly one is black and the other is silver or rose gold with a collar and I’m telling you again…

They are the same.

But maybe that’s why she picked both of them. Because they ARE the same and she couldn’t decide between them.

Anyway, Alex Rodriguez was not with JLO last night. She told ET that, “He’s actually working in Connecticut but he will be here later”. What, because there wasn’t a meeting he could have set up for himself there? What? But no. NO. That’s not what ARod is about. According to JLO, he’s “so supportive”.

She loves talking about love though, doesn’t she? I mean she completely lights up. Two things to note: did you notice how she dropped in the word “home” there? “I bring home”? To him. It’s been two months. And this is not news, because it’s JLO but they’re basically living together. And her answer to the question about their portmanteau, “JRod”, that “we kind of thought that might happen”…

I f-cking love when celebrities inadvertently give us information on how their relationships work. JLO and ARod, OF COURSE they sat around talking about how the public would react to the news that they are together – and what people would call them. Of course they would. And they did. But I’ve written before about the similarities between this situation with ARod and what it was like when she was with Ben Affleck. She and Ben were like this too. They made a music video about it. And you know how that worked out. 

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