If you visited this site on Friday, any time after 1130am ET, you may have read the post I wrote about Jennifer Lopez’s new ring, which then became an analysis – and unpaid promotion, LOL – of her community newsletter, ON THE JLO. If you had subscribed, as I was hinting at, then you would have been notified a few hours later that we are now living in the time of a second Bennifer engagement. And it is GREAT for gossip. 


But let me just gloat about it first because I am too small and too petty to be able to resist boasting that I pointed to the path of the announcement. I mean, I don’t know JLo…but I definitely see her. And I saw what where she was leading us with ON THE JLO.

ON THE JLO subscribers started getting the notice on Friday evening in our inboxes with simple title: “On The JLo – Exciting News!” The subtitle: 

“True love exists and forever is real…”

Only JLo can give us an eyeroll and a squeal at the same time, LOL. 

The body of the email is spare – unlike last week’s newsletter, which had all kinds of updates ranging from book recommendations to bath time (filmed by Ben Affleck), this newsletter only had a video link taking you to a short video (about 11 seconds) of an emotional JLo showing off an enormous green diamond, wearing an outfit with green accents to complement the new rock, whispering “you’re perfect” to someone off-camera, obviously HIM. 


Her sister also confirmed it: 

Prior to that though… there was this: 

As you can see, she’s added a ring emoji to her Twitter handle. 

Everything, then, is ON THE JLO. Not an official statement released through a publicist, not on Instagram, but ON THE JLO, where she shares “inner circle” news with her community. Like I said on Friday, it feels like a throwback, almost analogue at this point in the timeline, a flip-phone for gossip. 


There’s something else on the timeline that’s curious too – her outfit in that “heads up” video, where she’s telling people about what’s coming ON THE JLO, it’s the same outfit she was wearing when she was papped last week out shopping with Emme, when the ring was first noticed. Remember, at some point, once she realised she was being photographed, she turned the stone around to face her palm. 

It's likely then that she returned home, filmed this teaser, knowing things were about to blow, to fully control their story: The story of Bennifer, the broken supercouple who somehow found themselves unbroken EXACTLY 20 years after they met. If you rewind to 20 years ago right now, Ben and JLo had just worked together on Gigli. In March of 2002, Ben took out that full-page ad in The Hollywood Reporter to honour JLo, remember? If you don’t remember, they would remember. They would definitely remember their 20-year anniversary. And proposing around that time, or re-proposing, would just be so THEM. 

As for the ring? 

Many have already pointed out that it’s strikingly similar to the pink diamond, one of the most famous engagement rings in celebrity history, if not, possibly, the most famous. From pink to green, which JLo recently said was her favourite colour, and just as rare. Go back to the days of OG Bennifer and that pink stone. Before he gave her that pink diamond, what was the status of the pink diamond in the culture? Zero status, nobody was talking about pink diamonds. Bennifer put pink diamonds on trend. 

It is the same for the green diamond. How many of us even knew of green diamonds before this weekend? If you’re into gemstones and you were always aware, I love that for you, but let’s not pretend this was a thing until Bennifer made it a thing 72 hours ago.


This is how you at least equal a pink diamond proposal – with a stone that’s just as big, and just as rare, that is at once similar and completely different, not unlike their relationship…and of course, OF COURSE, it comes with bragging rights. She’s JLo. She’s been engaged lots of times, so you have to bring a ring that tops all the other rings with the exception of your first ring and now we have a pink and green pair. 

I mean… come on… who gets JLo like Ben?! He gets her in all the right places. He gets her in the heart AND the ego. She’s the reason why interest in green diamonds are spiking, just as it was with the pink diamond. She is now the celebrity most closely associated with both pink diamonds and green diamonds. And she’s not the only one getting puffy about this. Please. HE loves it too. Pumping her ego also pumps his ego. 

And I feel like this was true of him back then too but he cared too much about what people said about him, how he was perceived, and many of the problems in their relationship came from his inability to handle the heat. This time around, he doesn’t seem to be sweating that sh-t anymore. Like he’s cutting corny music videos as Valentine’s Day gifts. He’s filming her in the bath. He’s in the front row at the iHeartRadio Music Awards watching her be named an icon with his son and her daughter. Much less f-cks to give now, all these years later, compared to who he was…then. See what I did there? Sorry, I’ll see myself out now.