Harry Styles is currently on press tour for Dunkirk. Sarah reviewed the film earlier this week and was into the technical aspects of it but beyond that, she wasn’t feeling the film in her gut. She did, however, note that Harry Styles is quite effective as an actor. Happiness, then, for all you stans out there.

Harry was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night. He looks great in black on black on black. And he looks really, really great in those shoes. SO GOOD in those shoes.

Also on The Tonight Show last night – Jenny Slate promoting Landline and she’s wearing an excellent pair of shoes too. The reason I’m writing about them is because Emily, our site manager, when she sent me these photos, included this note: “someone needs to hook that up stat”. Ummmm… yes… YES. Now I’m imagining them meeting backstage. She’s funny and awkward and sexy, all at once. The most interesting woman Harry’s talked to in a long time. And he’s like, I cannot leave here without setting up a next.

I could handle a summer of Harry and Jenny, couldn’t you?