Can I just say, yet again, that the back half of 2023 has been as gossipy as it’s been in a long time? New coupling, uncoupling, beefing, unbeefing, so many memoirs and revelations… and some of it so amazingly random!


Here’s another example: 

A few weeks ago Jeremy Allen White, having just ended his marriage earlier this year, was making out all over the place with Ashley Moore. Then, out of nowhere, he shows up at the Farmer’s Market on Sunday… with Rosalía!

Six months ago Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro announced their engagement. Four months after that, in July, they confirmed the end of their relationship. Not going to lie, I was sad about that one, I was a shipper. But now, I can’t lie about this either… I don’t hate the idea of her with Jeremy Allen White. 

Is this what it looks like? Rosalía and The Bear? 


You can see the photos here. When it’s a Sunday and it’s the Farmer’s Market, I mean I haven’t been on the market in a looooong time, but I’m making assumptions. About whether or not the Sunday morning is an extension of a Saturday night. Look at her cute sleepy face! She’s so pretty… and just rolled out of bed?  And the outing to the Farmer’s Market is a rom-com scene of its own. I know most of you have seen enough rom-coms for you to be able to picture it. Every tall, blonde hair, blue eyed actor in Hollywood has filmed a scene like this, from Chris Evans to Chris Pine to Matthew McConaughey.

This time, there is a blonde, and he has blue eyes, but the difference here is… the Short King rises!