It’s super refreshing to see Jesse Williams in the news for a baewatch and not leaked details of his messy divorce and custody battle. A few months ago, we learned that he was dating bombshell actress Taylour Paige and he seems happy. Which, contrary to the internet’s opinion, is a good thing. During the public fallout of Jesse’s marriage, we saw people go back and forth about his alleged shifting politic from Black women whisperer and supporter (I don’t think anyone can forget that 2016  BET speech), to imagined deadbeat dad and “leave your ass for a white girl” Black male celebrity. He never really confirmed his relationship with Minka Kelly but spoke to Jay-Z at length about his marriage and public opinion in the “Footnotes” for "4:44". Given how comfortable he seems out with Taylour though, seems obvious this relationship is on a different level. Here they are, holding hands, arms around each other, looking intimate, on holiday together this week in Florence. 

In terms of work, Jesse still has his hilarious emoji company, Ebroji, is still killing it on Grey’s Anatomy, acting as well as directing, and announced that he is supposed to be directing Till, a film about Mamie Elizabeth Till-Mobley, Emmett Till ‘s mother. Initially, I was not crazy about re-hashing this heartbreaking story, but I do also appreciate his contributions to the culture and there is good reason to believe the portrayal will be nuanced and thought-provoking.