Men’s Fashion Week in Paris, Louis Vuitton was one of the presentations today. And, as expected, one of the most high profile celebrity guests was BTS’s j-hope and the brand acknowledged that hype too, posting a video of Hobi on their feed ahead of his attendance wearing, well, a perfect fit. 


That is, for me, a look designed with Hobi in mind, matching his aesthetic and personality: creative, quirky, fun, irreverent, he’s cute but he can go hard. It was exactly the right choice for him on the day. And he had a VIP seat in the house, seated next to LV creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere. 


Rosalia was also repping LV today and she was part of the presentation. I am obsessed with this yellow oversized sweater on her: 


Speaking of yellow though, you know who wore it… unexpectedly? Check out Kit Harington! 

Rose Leslie has been an LV regular for a long time but today it was Kit showing out – and it’s not just the colour on him, it’s the cut of the jacket. Slightly on the shorter side and with those embellished buttons, this is as much flair as we’ve ever seen from him and it works. A new fashion energy from Kit Harington for 2023, I’m into it.