Every year this week, celebrities can be found in St Barts. Even this year. Paul McCartney is there, Amy Schumer is there, Lionel Richie was there with his kids, including Sofia, for Christmas, and John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are there with their family and friends, also to celebrate his birthday, which was yesterday (Beyoncé’s wished him happy birthday on her website, more on that later). 


I have a few friends whose birthdays are the last week of December and generally the attitude about it is that it kinda sucks because you’re competing with Christmas etc. Since I’m a birthday whore and expect the whole world to stop and observe my birthday, I can understand how this might feel…but could there be another way of looking at it? When your birthday happens at this time of year, does that mean that everyone has more time to party? If your birthday is in September, when mine is, people can’t really take out a whole week and go balls out with you. But if your birthday is now, when workloads are typically lighter, does that mean people can rage longer and harder with you? 

Didn’t seem like it was exactly a rager for John last night, LOL. 


Chrissy and Jen Atkin, hairstylist, planned a … math competition … for their husbands. Who seemed super into it. Here’s the thread. I love how focused John is on his equations, or whatever: 

This, apparently, is some kind of tradition. And I can hear Duana now, who never misses an opportunity to fly her nerd flag, wishing her lame ass friends did the same for her. 

Duana and I, by the way, will be on Zoom for a NYE party tomorrow night with some other people and I planned a virtual escape room game for all of us to get through the weirdness of ringing in the new year on video chat. For those of you who want to know how you can play too, I’m sorry I’m not linking to the site but it costs like thirty dollars and this will be our first time so I don’t want to tell you about something where you spend the money and it turns out to be sh-t and then you end up calling me a c-nt. So we’ll play first and figure it out and let you know later, it’s not like we’re leaving our homes any time soon.

Or you can just come up with your own math competition?