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There was a screening of Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver in Los Angeles this week, hosted by JJ Abrams. According to Page Six, Jon Hamm, who co-stars in the film, was flirting with Kate Beckinsale at the party. Per the source, Hamm was “leaning in to talk” and Beckinsale was “laughing and giggling”. They were also ignoring Beckinsale’s friend, which sounds like a great night for the friend. I’m serious—I would 100% be watching/not-watching my friend flirt with Jon Hamm and gathering ammunition for future teasing. Remember that time you ditched me at a party to flirt with Jon Hamm? She’d never live it down!

Of course, take it with a grain of salt, yadda yadda, but IF anything does come of this, I vote we call them “BexHamm” as their official Celebrity Couple Name. Also, if ever there was a separated celebrity pair well-adjusted enough to double-date with their new partners, it’s Beckinsale and Michael Sheen, who is, of course, with Sarah Silverman (who, in her usual style, got bluntly honest about the state of their long-distance relationship). I would be super into BexHamm and SilverSheen as do-over bestie couples. Or as a crime-fighting duo working under the cover of darkness, whichever ends up working out best.

Also attached – Jon Hamm out for coffee in Los Feliz yesterday.