This September will mark the tenth anniversary of Ben Affleck’s The Town. Does it hold up? I haven’t seen it in a minute but I remember, I really enjoyed it. I remember I think I might have said I thought it was better than Argo. Anyway, Ben directed and starred in the movie which also featured performances from Jeremy Renner, Rebecca Hall, Blake Lively, and Jon Hamm. 


Here’s Jon Hamm this weekend playing tennis and getting takeout with actress Anna Osceola. Apparently there have been rumours that they’re dating for a while. Interestingly she was in the Mad Men finale as Clementine, the girl in braids. Jon and Jennifer Westfeldt announced their split about six months after that and I’m not saying that he and Anna have been together since then. But the speculation about them being together aren’t all that fresh either. Like at least three years, if not more. They just aren’t seen together very often. 

That said, these are weird times. Nobody is working. People are seen with those they’re choosing to spend time with, the most important in their lives. So this is definitely a thing. Quarantine pretty much confirms it, right? I guess that means that my longstanding Gossip Genie wish of Jon Hamm and Jennifer Aniston will never happen.