Mad Men concluded its run in 2015. At the Emmys that year, the expected favourite for Best Drama Actor was Jon Hamm. He’d never won up to that point and, well, it seemed like it was time, time for Don Draper to finally get up on stage. But there was a slim chance of an upset: Bob Odenkirk in Better Call Saul. Though Jon and Don ended up winning, the category was billed as a Jon vs Bob showdown and Bob even joked about it during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel a month before the Emmys. There were never any hard feelings. And the two are friends. Here’s Jon leaving the Largo last night in LA after seeing Bob’s show. Interestingly enough, Sarah Silverman was also there (not pictured). There were rumours a few months ago that Jon and Sarah have been hooking up. Gossip Cop shut it down at the time but… is this worth considering? Is there something there? 

I mean it’s a HOT combination. I think I’m in although they’ve known each other a while, move in the same circles. Maybe, though, they’ve never been single at the same time? And now they are?

Still, Jon’s friend circles also overlap Jennifer Aniston’s. He was at her 50th birthday party last month. I’m not ready to get off of that Gossip Genie – whyyyyyy hasn’t that happened yet? And if you could choose your gossip would it be Jon + Jen or Jon + Sarah?