In 2006, teenage girls everywhere would have squealed at the chance to go on a double date with the Jonas Brothers. I worked at a music station at the height of the Jonas craze and there were literal lineups around the block to get a chance to breathe the same air as Nick, Joe, and Kevin, I guess. In 2006, Sophie Turner was 10 years old so basically a zygote and Priyanka Chopra was already starring in blockbuster Bollywood films. Do you think either of them would have guessed that in 2018, they’d be the Jonai’s plus ones? 

In both Nick and Joe’s case, they are the more like the plus ones to their more successful significant others but my point is that this foursome makes no sense but weirdly, it makes the most sense? Nick always felt like the oldest Jonas because Kevin has always been irrelevant and Joe has always been the mischievous and immature one so of course Nick ended up with an older woman and Joe ended up with someone who is barely old enough to remember “Burnin Up”.  

Nick, Priyanka, Joe, and Sophie went for dinner in London to celebrate Priyanka’s 36th birthday. Priyanka’s birthday is tomorrow. I wonder if it makes Priyanka feel older or younger that the average age of group she’s hanging with is a decade younger than her. Hollywood isn’t like real life. A 35-year-old professional in the real world might have a hard time relating to a 22-year-old straight out of university but in Hollywood, both of those people could be in very similar stages. Priyanka and Sophie probably have very comparable schedules. They’re both in-demand actresses who worked on television series. They’re both dating a Jonas. They could already be besties. 

Sophie and Joe are getting married. Nick and Priyanka may not be far behind if we’re going with the theory that they went from 0 to 100 real quick and are now very serious.  We may be seeing these four together a lot more. 

Oh yeah, Kevin was there too. Kevin’s wife Danielle was not present for the outing. Considering Kevin was the third wheel in his own band, I think it’s fitting that years later, he’s playing the fifth wheel.