How could I resist? Julia and Juliet are close enough and here’s Julia Roberts, looking UNREAL, in Verona today shooting an ad campaign. 

Her hair is slighhhhhtly shorter, right? It’s a good length for her. I like how the layers are framing her face. Then again, I just generally love her face. She has a great face. Also she’s wearing great tights. I’m going to be looking for those tights. 

In other Julia news, did you know/remember that two days ago it was the 20th anniversary of Notting Hill! Don’t be a crusty bitch and front like that’s not a classic. “I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy” is a line that almost everyone knows. Variety did a retrospective earlier this week. Here’s my favourite part: 

Originally, they were looking for an unknown actor to play Will. “We thought, wouldn’t it be fabulous — this is a movie about an unknown. We auditioned eight people over a day and by the end of it we said, ‘Oh f–k, it. Let’s go with Hugh.”


That is the PERFECT anecdote for Hugh Grant. That in the end he got the role because they were all just like, “f-ck it, whatever, let’s go with Hugh”. Picture his face hearing that. That’s pretty much his face for life. It’s the face that’s made him famous, really. The same one he had on when he presented Dunkirk at the Golden Globes last year after being introduced as the actor from Paddington 2, which brought Duana a year’s full of endless joy

As for Julia? Please. She was the “one and only choice”, OBVIOUSLY. There could only be one Anna Scott. 

I love this movie. One of my great frustrations is that it’s not on Netflix because I would seriously watch it every other day. The junket part still kills me, when he moves through the rooms pretending to be a journalist from Horse & Hound. COME ON! Hugh’s face during that entire scene? That’s the face I’m talking about. And that’s the thing – even though he was just a “f-ck it, whatever” choice for the role, it could really only have been him too.