The last time we checked in on Shawn Mendes and Hailey Baldwin, it was mid-May and Kathleen wrote about how Shawn was saying they were “friends”, even though they’d just gone to the Met Gala together, and all kinds of speculation about whether or not they were using each other to promote his album and her career. At some point, Shawn and Hailey were definitely more than “just friends”. Back in December, he brought her home to Toronto and they were seen together at the Daniel Caesar. I have several friends who were there that night. All of them saw Shawn and Hailey all over each other. So Shawn x Hailey wasn’t fake…then. There was no faking how she was grinding on his lap and the way his mouth ended up attached to her mouth, and her neck. And other places. The question is when did that end? Or how recently did it end? Because it has definitely ended. Because she’s been in Miami all weekend with Justin Bieber. Again. 

They were seen with their arms around each other and holding hands at a club. They also went to a movie. And then, yesterday, they were photographed by the pool where she was seen playing with his hair and drying him off with a towel, two acts of extreme intimacy. Like I’m not touching your hair if I’m not into you. And if I’m not into you, I’m not holding out a towel, waiting for you to step into it. At most I’ll toss the towel at you from a distance. Probably, though, I’m not moving from my lounger because I need to even out my tan across my back. 

So they’re totally f-cking. So JB is back together with another ex-girlfriend after getting back together with Selena Gomez and then breaking up again. Hailey, reportedly, is one of the reasons JB and Selena couldn’t make it work. And …well… if that’s true (I believe it) this kinda validates whatever it is that Selena was bugged about, right? How long then before Selena shows up somewhere with someone new? And, after that, how long before JB and Hailey show up somewhere with The Weeknd and Bella Hadid?