Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin went to the courthouse “where marriage licenses are issued” in New York City yesterday, TMZ is reporting. Hailey was wearing a casual white dress and Justin was, well, still fully committed to his grunge aesthetic. 

Eyewitnesses say that Justin was emotional and through tears said to Hailey, “I can’t wait to marry you, baby.” Justin Bieber, proving once again that he is THAT guy. There have been reports that it was Justin who wanted to get married ASAP and that their Bike Ride of Tears from last month was because they decided to postpone the wedding until next year. Sounds like the groomzilla got his way.

Another eyewitness told TMZ that the court official who Justin thanked for “keeping it on the DL” was a judge, which would imply that Justin and Hailey are now newlyweds. Justin and Hailey were also overheard saying that they were leaving the country. If you or anyone you know has had a destination wedding, you know this is usually how it works. You get your official marriage license first so you are technically married but then you head to your sunny, beach destination to have the ceremony and the party, etc. 

The marriage license step typically happens RIGHT before the actual wedding. So my guess is that there is one of two things going on here. One, Justin (and Hailey, sure) got so impatient and needed to get married NOW that they rushed to the courthouse and did the damn thing. Two, they moved up their wedding date, it’s taking place in a tropical destination (maybe the Bahamas to recreate the magic of their public engagement?) SOON, and we’re about to get a lot more Justin and Hailey wedding content. I hope it’s the latter. 

Justin and Hailey are young, rich, in love and impulsive. They also both don’t seem to be busy at the moment. What’s that quote about idle minds? They make bad decisions like getting married too quickly? 

Justin and Hailey could have just been stopping by the courthouse to get some pamphlets or ask about marriage things (can you tell I’ve never been married?) but Hailey is wearing a white dress that feels atypical to the style she’s been rocking lately. And if it was just a stop-in, why would Justin be so emotional? It sounds like Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are legally married, at least in the eyes of the state. I would bet money that they are still doing the whole traditional wedding though and that it’s coming in hot. God, I can’t wait for the pictures. OMG. I just thought of the vows. THE VOWS. They are going to be hysterical. Remember Justin’s love explosion on Instagram after the engagement? Picture that but on a beach. I know they are religious so this is probably a pipe dream but all I want in life is for DJ Khaled to be their officiant. COME ON, it’s a no brainer. I’m sorry, I had to. 

Attached - Justin and Hailey out together in New York last weekend.