Justin Timberlake announced yesterday that his new album, Man Of The Woods, will be released February 2 with the first single coming this Friday. He posted the album cover after I wrote about the announcement so here it is: 

A suit on top but underneath it all, like his soul, is good old fashioned American clothing, you know? Jeans and a plaid shirt. Don’t be fooled by the city style, this is a son of the earth, a real man going back to his true roots. 

Earned all this money …
But they never take the country out me

Right. But Beyoncé already did that, Pipsqueak. 

Anyway, JT’s back at it again today. With the name of the first single, Filthy. 

You know what he just did there, right? 

The song drops on Friday. And he wants it to be your weekend jam. What’s happening this weekend? The Golden Globes, on Sunday. Where Jessica Biel, his wife, has been nominated for HER VERY FIRST GOLDEN GLOBE for her work – HER. WORK. – in The Sinner. She’s in the Best Actress Limited Series category alongside Jessica Lange, Susan Sarandon, Nicole Kidman, and Reese Witherspoon, all Oscar winners. So it’s a big deal for her, right? It’s HER big deal. 

And what has her husband just done? 

He’s just taken away her shine. He’s just made his news the latest news. So when they show up on the red carpet on Sunday, when he rolls up with that insufferable smirk on his face, what do you think he’ll be talking about? 

See? See AGAIN?!

I told you this would happen back in December, when the Golden Globe nominations were announced. In this post right here, I told you that there was no way he would show up at the Golden Globes as her plus one – for a change! – even though she’s the actual invited nominee.

Justin Timberlake can always be counted on to show up his wife. In their wedding portrait, when he had to jump up and down and make it all about himself; when she walked down the aisle and he had to start singing so that it became about him singing; on their 5th anniversary on Instagram so that it became about his music; and at the Oscars, when he monkey-jigged behind her, so that it became about his monkey-jigging – this is his move, his favourite move, his only move:

ME ME ME ME ME >>>> everyone.

You couldn’t have waited a week?! Or even 5 days, asshole? Drop the song two days after the Golden Globes. Drop it any time after the Golden Globes. He HAS to drop it THIS Friday. He has to be the conversation THIS weekend. 

JT sure knows how to be an equal opportunity partner, doesn’t he? And now he’s trying to claim that he’s a friend of Time’s Up and all about equal opportunities? 

Where was the equal f-cking opportunity when Janet Jackson was left for dead?! 


To close then, a small selection of some of my favourite tweets about his new album.