Kaia Gerber has been the undisputed star of this season’s fashion weeks, beginning in New York, then on to London and Milan, and ending in Paris, where she opened Chanel’s presentation, the first down the runway, in what’s being called the “pinnacle” of her debut on the scene.

She was built to be adored by Karl though, non? As IF he wasn’t waiting for Kaia all along.

I’ve been looking at Kaia for the last month, through all the fashion weeks, and trying to figure out who she reminds me of. Her mother, obviously, since there’s such a strong resemblance but you know who else, because also obviously? When Cindy first started, do you remember her nickname? It was “Baby Gia”. After Gia Carangi. It’s the 80s makeup on the Chanel runway and on Kaia’s face. That’s what did it.

I was OBSESSED with Gia Carangi. Even before Angelina Jolie played her. Because I was obsessed with the models of that era and because I read Stephen Fried’s book about Gia’s life, Thing Of Beauty. Gia was only 17 when she moved to New York. She was a big deal within a year. She was dead at 26. You know what’s amazing to me? It’s amazing that, looking back now, how much more mature they seemed then, even though they were all still teenagers. Gia was just 22 years old when this interview happened. Compare that to celebrities now who are in their 20s.

Obviously, by this point, even though she was just 22, Gia had already been deeply, deeply troubled for quite some time. And this appearance was supposed to be a comeback of sorts. There’s really nothing young adult here about her though. You can tell that she knew the worst of the world. Of course that’s one of the lessons of her life – how innocence can be compromised, both by the “vultures” at home and in the business. Which never happened to Cindy Crawford.

Cindy Crawford was valedictorian when she graduated high school. She went to university on a scholarship to study engineering. She quit university to become a model, one of the most successful models of all time, with one of the best reputations. There were never stories about Cindy not showing up, or showing up late, or being unprofessional. Cindy Crawford isn’t stupid. And I have to think this is why she’s been with Kaia the whole time – from New York to London to Milan and now in Paris. Kaia is still on Cindy’s watch. You know what else might make a difference? Cindy is already CINDY CRAWFORD. She doesn’t need this. She doesn’t need to exist through Kaia. As Duana points out often on Show Your Work, particularly when we’re talking about child stars, they’re a lot more vulnerable when they have to be the breadwinner, when the entire family depends on their success. That’s not to say that it doesn’t happen. That the privileged kids don’t off-rail. But their chances are undeniably so much better.