Maria addressed this in Celebrity Social Media a few weeks ago. As she noted, at the time, the rumours about Kanye West and Irina Shayk came from DeuxMoi and started circulating from there; she also wrote that she would be “massively into this story if there’s proof”. 


Well. Here we go. TMZ is reporting that Kanye + Irina is definitely a thing. Yesterday was Kanye’s birthday and apparently they were seen together in Provence. So far there are no photos but I’m wondering if those are coming…

Kanye and Irina had friends around them but they were also seen alone, and unmistakably romantically involved. TMZ hasn’t confirmed that it’s a relationship but they’re definitely not *just* friends. And there are now a few messages in my inbox all like…WTF? 

But this makes total sense, non? Fashion design is a big priority for Kanye. And the designer-muse relationship is one of the central bonds in the fashion world. The fact that he’s dating a brand name supermodel is big for his ego and his self-narrative, which you could argue is one and the same. But you can’t deny that for someone who’s as creative as he is, the lines between artistic inspiration and romantic passion can be blurred. 


And then there are the exes. It’s not just Kim Kardashian but also Bradley Cooper. Which makes this hookup great for gossip. I’m not sure it will be an issue for BCoop. Irina was rumoured to have had something going with Vito Schnabel and by all accounts, she and Bradley have been cool – and seen recently together with their daughter, Lea, in New York. 

As for Kim…

Well. Look. If I’m honest, and I know I’m not Kim K, but if my husband and I decided to divorce and, like, his next romance was with a f-cking supermodel? I would feel that. Maybe that means I’m petty, and unproductive, but I don’t think I’m alone or unique in this. And where this applies to Kim? It’s no secret, this family is model-obsessed. One of them has a proper career as a model but their whole sh-t is modelling. They want to be supermodels. So now that Kim’s ex is following her up with one …what are the storylines going to be?