Yesterday was officially day one of a new era of Kanye West’s love life because while there had been rumours for a few weeks that he and Irina Shayk are a thing, TMZ broke it open quite loudly that they spent his birthday together in Provence along with some other friends. Here are some shots of the two arriving back in New York together via private jet. And here’s Irina heading into her apartment, covering her face. Which I think is interesting because, as I’m sure you’ve seen, Irina is papped a LOT in New York. If you’ve spent time online, you’ve seen many, many of these shots. Go Fug Yourself posts pictures of her outfits practically on a weekly basis – you can see those here. Sometimes she’s masked. Sometimes she’s not. My point is, up until yesterday, when the paps are around, Irina’s not necessarily posing for them, but she’s not covering her head with a jacket to get inside either. What’s the difference now? 


Kanye, of course. But what specifically? 

She’s definitely more of a heatscore now than she was last week. But then again it’s also not her first time being a heatscore because of a romance. She was, after all, in a serious relationship with Bradley Cooper and co-parents their daughter with him. Which means she’s probably somewhat familiar with the kind of scrutiny and often bullsh-t (especially online) that can come with dating a prominent man? 

I mean, Kanye and Bradley Cooper are arguably equally famous, although I would say the intensity of Kanye’s fame has been on a different level than Bradley’s. Kim Kardashian was well-suited for that intensity. And it’s about to get pretty intense for Irina. A lot of people can’t handle that intensity. But something tells me that Irina should be able to handle it. The way she handles it might look different from Kim. But Irina has some skills in this game for sure. 

Also attached - new shots of Irina out in New York this morning and Kanye back in LA after touching down in New York yesterday.