Katie Holmes stepped out again last night in New York, this time attending the 2019 FilmAid Power of Film Benefit. As we’ve seen, in the three months since her split from Jamie Foxx, Katie’s social life has gotten a lot more active, at least publicly. There’s a lot going on all the time in NYC, for sure. It’s a matter of how often you RSVP yes. Seems like Katie is RSVPing yes to a lot – and isn’t that the advice often given to people after they break up? Get out there! Meet new people! Say yes to everything! Say Yes To Everything could be the title of a rom-com. Starring Katie Holmes?

That’s what I was getting at yesterday in my post about her and what the strategy might be right now with her career. Coincidentally Ocean’s 8 was on last night when I was brushing my teeth. You might be wondering why I’m talking about Ocean’s 8 because Katie was not one of Ocean’s 8. She’s in it though, do you remember? I didn’t either. But she’s seated at Anne Hathaway’s table, alongside Zac Posen, during the Met Gala scene, one of dozens of celebrities who made cameos or had small parts in the film. Which… I mean I get that for Heidi Klum and a Kardashian here and there. But Katie Holmes, once upon a time, would have been on the list for consideration to actually be one of the Ocean’s 8. Think about it – Katie and Annie are contemporaries. Katie sang “On My Own” in Dawson’s Creek. And Annie impersonated Katie on Saturday Night Live

No shade here. Just going back to the discussion about Katie’s “lost decade” from yesterday and, now 40, the decade ahead, professionally, and what the options might be. I would watch Katie Holmes in a movie called Say Yes To Everything – a Netflix holiday rom-com about, what else?, a fashion buyer whose flight is redirected on her way to Paris due to weather. She ends up in a small town in Ireland, obviously, and meets the owner of the only inn that can accommodate her. Accents and hijinks ensue, and lead to love – including a proposal at a fashion show, like on the runway. Are you in? 

Speaking of fashion, interesting boot choice last night, with the animal print under the slinky silver dress. I don’t hate it. But the boots are freaking me out because from some angles they look painted on. Don’t they look painted on? Like it’s weird painted feet?