As I’ve been saying for over a year now, Katie Holmes has been giving us weekly sometimes daily street style fashion shows on the sidewalks of New York since breaking up with Jamie Foxx. 

She also covers the new issue of Vogue Australia, looking great:


Her boyfriend apparently posted the cover on Instagram stories and captioned “YAZZZ BABY”. Eventually that story was deleted. 

Back to Katie and fashion though – she stepped out in NYC the other day in denim on denim and a pair of yellow sandals. It’s been summer-like weather in New York and many eastern parts of North America this past week. Jacek golfed in shorts when we went out on Saturday so the temperature certainly allowed for the footwear choice but then called these “one of the hottest shoes of the year” when they ran the pictures. Katie’s not the first celebrity to be seen in them. And I get that the colour and the quilting is pretty special but the style of these… really? 

Maybe it’s just me, but I hate boudoir style. These are boudoir style shoes, non? Common scene in a dressing room, accompanied by a negligee and a martini glass. Or when a child totters into the kitchen after messing around in mom’s closet. The only pair of shoes a rom-com heroine can find when she gets woken up by the door banging and has to rush to answer it. 


But mostly I’m not feeling these because I don’t think they do anything for your gait. Good shoes compliment your gait. Others take away from your gait because…well…

Look at them on Katie. You know why they’re not doing anything for her gait? It’s because I bet you these shoes don’t stay on your feet well. And so the wearer isn’t so much walking as trying to keep her shoes on. And how can that possibly contribute to a good gait?