I have no business thinking about coats because where I live, it doesn’t look like anyone’s fashion-parading anywhere any time soon. But the fantasy is still there. 

Check out Katie Holmes yesterday in an excellent brown leather trench worn casually over sneakers. Velcro-strap sneakers. I haven’t yet succumbed to this trend because, to me, shoelaces are really beautiful and I don’t ever want to give them up. That said, Velcro-strap is definitely the mood of 2020. When we’re all basically just living in loungewear, who wants to bother with tying laces. Velco-strap sneakers are really just an extension of house shoes. And by now, house shoes are a regular thing, right? They’ve been a thing in East Asian cultures forever but I feel like maybe they’re cross-culture now? 


Back to Katie’s coat – it looks light without compromising on quality, and worn without looking ragged. I also like that it’s broad, so you can probably fit a sweater under there. A good choice for her as we continue to enjoy the Katie Holmes 2020 fashion show. It hasn’t just been recently now that she and Emilio Vitolo Jr have been getting photographed in NYC so much. Well before their relationship started, she was making fashion headlines. 

We recently marked the one year anniversary of her bra and cardigan moment. It was September 2019. She was papped in a gorgeous grey bra and cardigan cashmere set that made all kinds of fashion headlines. It was the first time there was excitement about Katie Holmes’s style in years. And enough time had passed for us to forget that she tried out her own fashion line that didn’t work out so well. The bra and cardigan was around the time that she and Jamie Foxx ended their five-plus year situation. So it marked the beginning of her glow-up and you could say she’s been riding that for over twelve months now.