Katie Holmes attended the grand opening of RiseNY yesterday, a brand new attraction celebrating the city. RiseNY has been designed as a fully immersive experience that includes display galleries, a theatre staged in a subway car, and simulation ride at the end that gives participants the sensation of flying over New York City. Per Forbes, RiseNY was “created in partnership with several cultural institutions, Broadway shows and individuals that serve as co-curators of their exhibit galleries. They include the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Museum of American Finance, Museum of Broadcast Communications & Radio Hall of Fame, Museum at FIT, Skyscraper Museum and Tribeca Festival, along with David Bushman, former head curator at The Paley Center for Media”. And there’s all kinds of memorabilia being showcased, like one of Madonna’s leather jackets designed by Keith Haring; the Hamilton costume that Lin-Manuel Miranda wore for one of his performances in Puerto Rico; and Biggie’s red tracksuit. 


Organisers say that the attraction is meant to appeal to both tourists and locals, anyone who loves NYC. And it all sounds super cool, but you know how these things work – and by that I mean… crowds. I haven’t been to New York since before the pandemic and I obviously can’t wait to go back but when I do, I’m not sure I want to be spending hours in line with hundreds of other people. Which means it’ll probably be at least five years before I consider getting a ticket to go to RiseNY, when the novelty wears off.

As for Katie, she walked the carpet at the opening, but she was already stomping on her own sidewalk runway before her arrival because she is clearly feeling her look. Katie was working it the minute she stepped out of her apartment building. Check out all these hard poses, all the angles she’s serving with her hair in beachy waves, in that excellent white suit – note the stirrup detail on the pants – and her hot pink shoes, for me the weakest part of the fit. This is personal preference but I’m not big on a satin-finish and I’m never going to f-ck with a kitten heel. But even those kitten heels don’t take away from the overall mood. Katie came out to be seen last night and you couldn’t miss her.