Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo Jr were first seen all over each other a couple of weeks ago on a patio in New York. Emilio, up until very recently, was still engaged to Rachel Emmons, at least according to her Instagram. Even PEOPLE is reporting that Emilio and Rachel were together “just days” before Katie and Emilio went public quoting a source who said that Emilio dumped Rachel “abruptly the second Katie showed some interest”. Is he going to be on Dancing With The Stars next season or have his own reality show? Is The Bachelor too down market for him? 


Anyway, doesn’t seem like Katie’s bothered about the overlap and whether or not her new boyfriend may be an unfaithful starf-cker because since then there have been more sightings of the two, unmistakably feeling each other all over New York. Here they are on a ferry ride before going for a romantic walk along the river. The other day they were seen running errands together. And she’s been spending time at his apartment.

My Photo Assumption says they can barely keep their hands off each other. We all know what this phase is all about and how intense it is. Katie’s getting her vitamins. Sometimes the vitamins are so good that they overpower your sense and sensibility. That’s my read on what’s happening to Katie right now. You?