It’s been a Dogstar summer for Keanu Reeves, who reunited with his band (officially) last year. The last we heard from Keanu and Dogstar, they hadn’t yet announced when their new album would drop. Well, they have now. It’s called Somewhere Between the Power Lines and Palm Trees and will drop on October 6. 


There’s a music video for their first single, “Breach”.


It very much lives in the “between punk and grunge” vibe that existed for a brief space in the early Nineties, especially among bands that came out of Southern California in that era. It’s not bad. I actually like this iteration of Dogstar more than I do the band’s first run the Nineties. 


Keanu and Dogstar have been touring all summer leading up to the album launch. Here he is yesterday, greeting fans outside the historic Fremont Theater in San Luis Obispo—an AMAZING place to see a show, if you ever get a chance—where Dogstar played last night. He’s carrying his own gear. Of course he is. Keanu would never pawn his gear off on someone else.