As mentioned earlier in today’s open, today is our last posting day of the year, barring any major gossip developments, and look – it’s Keanu Reeves, coming through for the occasion, generous as ever, so that we can include him in our final gossip session of 2022. 


No one could predict what happened in 2022. No one could have foretold that Harry Styles would be blowing up online for not really spitting on Chris Pine in Venice, even though there are a lot of people who are convinced that he did spit on Chris Pine in Venice. No one could have foretold what happened at the Oscars. Maybe some people could have foretold that Adam Levine’s text game is corny AF but I don’t think that would have been high on anyone’s prediction list. 

But what we were all certain of on January 1, 2022 was that Keanu Reeves would not disappoint us. Many if not most stars will disappoint us. But some stars are actually GOOD. And Keanu is one of the rare good ones. 

Here he is, after a ride with his friends, doing some holiday shopping. Keanu is a thoughtful person. I bet you he gives really, really thoughtful gifts. The kind of gifts that make you feel seen and valued. But we don’t all need to be on Keanu’s gift list. He is already the gift.