Keith Urban won Entertainer of The Year at the CMA Awards. He was shocked, and not in a Taylor Swift Surprised Face way. He was genuinely surprised and so was everyone around him, including his “baby girl” Nicole Kidman. 

Keith and Nicole love love. They love showing off how much they love their love. If there’s one thing we can count on Keith and Nicole for, it’s PDA. I find their extra comforting. Everything else in the world could be backwards and illogical but somewhere Keith and Nicole will be nuzzling into each other’s necks whispering sweet “babies” over and over. I appreciate that kind of consistency. 

Last night, when Keith’s name was called, you can imagine the sheer amount of times the word “baby” was said. It looks like Nicole said it twice into his ear as a congratulations, plus an “I love you so much.” If you watched American Idol, specifically Kelly Clarkson’s gut-wrenching performance of “Piece by Piece",  you know that Keith is a crier. Keith starts wiping away tears as soon as he leaves the embrace of his “baby girl.” If you’ve read this blog, specifically anything I’ve ever written, you know that I too am a crier. Seeing Keith use his wrist to brush the tears off his face made me tear up a bit. As soon as he opened his mouth, those tears were replaced with laughter. I’m sorry. This moment is VERY SWEET, like teeth-rotting cotton candy sweet, but I had to laugh. Please watch Keith’s speech and try to tell me you didn’t giggle. 

Nicole tearing up in the audience after the first “baby girl” is too much. After the second one, I said “COME ON” out loud. The rest of Keith’s speech is humble and gracious and it made me truly happy for him. Truly. But each shot of Nicole with her hands on her chest, exuding LOVE from every orifice is the kind of corny romance novel sh-t I’ve called them out for in the past. You couldn’t write this scene better than how Nicole and Keith performed it. Blake and Gwen are shaking. THIS is how you do PDA at an awards show. 

The best part of Keith and Nicole’s consistent declarations of love? I buy it. I believe that they go home and stare deeply into each other’s eyes saying, “No, I love you more baby” and “NO, I love YOU more baby girl” repeatedly until either Faith or “Munchkin” scream “ENOUGH, MOM AND DAD.” 
It will never be enough. There are not enough “baby girls” in the world to express how much Keith loves Nicole. There are not enough tears on earth to show how much Nicole loves Keith. Keith earned that Entertainer of the Year CMA last night because of all the clips I’ve watched from the show (obviously I didn’t watch it live lol) this was the most entertaining.