As Lainey has made abundantly clear, she hates Halloween. I love it, it’s my second favorite holiday. Now, in the first days of November, I am recovering from the extended Halloweekend, and it looks like Kirsten Dunst is doing the same. 


After trick-or-treating with her family and not being an asshole about it, she was out and about in Los Angeles yesterday, hitting up a coffee shop and a CBD shop. I bring you these photos for two reasons: 1) Kiki is a Halloween queen, and she shall be celebrated for it, and 2) I have to ask—does CBD work for you?

I am a garbage sleeper, and after years of bad sleep, I did a sleep study that ended with a real doctor, possessor of an entire medical degree from one of the top med schools in the country, who works at one of the top hospitals in the country, throwing up his hands and saying, “I don’t know, try an edible before bed.” The irony is, I’ve never been much for weed because it makes me sleepy! I always felt like I was wasting someone else’s good time by taking a hit and then a nap, so I just avoided marijuana for years and years. But weed was legalized in Illinois in 2020, so I got serious about finding a cannabis solution to my bad sleep.


People swear up and down about CBD as a cure-all for any number of ailments from joint pain to anxiety, but for me, regarding sleep specifically, it’s a no-go. It doesn’t do anything (nor did pet-safe CBD do anything for my dumb cat’s separation anxiety). My go-to sleep aid is Kiva’s Camino Sleep, which forgoes the CBD for CBN, THC, and terpenes. It is a knock-out night of sleep in a tin. Anyway, it looks like Kiki is into the Recess CBD sparkling water. I’ve tried that, to me, it’s just expensive sparkling water. Maybe it’s doing something for her, though.