Kristen Stewart was photographed this week on the set of Love Lies Bleeding in New Mexico. As you can see, she’s changed her hair colour and cut for the role. It’s brown now and in a mullet, shorter than the mullet she had when she played Joan Jett in The Runaways and holy sh-t, can you believe that was 12 years ago? 


Love Lies Bleeding is about female competitive bodybuilding. Kristen will play the girlfriend of a bodybuilder and their story will be “fueled by ego, desire, and the American dream”. Katy O’Brian has also joined the cast and since Katy was actually a bodybuilder before she started acting, she’s obviously going to be Kristen’s onscreen partner… which means the film will have two queer women in the two lead roles. 

Katy just tweeted about being part of the project this week: 


And as you can see from her other Twitter posts, well, she’s doing the work: 


I just tried to do one those shrugs and my body rejected me. 

As for Kristen, I remember from back in the Twilight days and they had to shoot running and other scenes that involved some physicality, there were conversations among cast members about how she’s naturally athletic – I think it was in comparison to Robert Pattinson who was joking about being the opposite. Curious to see if Kristen will also be getting into bodybuilding for this part. 

But mostly I love that she continues to make queer storytelling a priority in her projects, both when she’s in front of the camera and behind the camera as she’s one of the producers of an upcoming 2SLGBTQ+ ghost hunters series that was recently announced. Loves Lies Bleeding is an independent film and there’s no doubt her involvement was a factor in getting the project to production.