This is my favourite ice breaker question: what are the movies you always watch if you flip past them on cable TV? It’s very telling. This question is going to be outdated soon. I still have cable. Many of my friends no longer have cable. For now, my friend Manny and I talk about our favourite movie re-runs all the time. The Bourne Identity is our fave. A Few Good Men and Men in Black are up there too. I’m not sure if Manny would agree with me but I always have to stop and watch the Drew Barrymore/ Lucy Lui/ Cameron Diaz Charlie’s Angels. It doesn’t matter which one. I love these movies. They are not great movies but I can’t help it. I plan to be home with my TV for a few days over the holidays. I hope there’s a Charlie’s Angels marathon. 

Over the summer, it was announced that Charlie’s Angels is getting rebooted again with Elizabeth Banks at the helm. The first name attached was Janelle Monae. Then the Kristen Stewart rumours started. Kristen Stewart was asked about joining the reboot at Chanel’s Métiers d’Art show in Hamburg yesterday.

“Whoever ends up being in that movie, I can tell you right now — because I’m friends with Liz Banks — I mean, I can tell you it’s going to be really good.”

That’s pretty noncommittal but it’s not a no either. It sounds like Kristen and her friend Liz have at least had a few conversations about her involvement.  

“I think it’s a good time right now to do another one, because we’ve all changed so much. Women have changed so much, or at least maybe just, you know, perception and the cadence and volume of the voice of women has definitely changed. And I know Liz pretty well, and she’s going to reflect that, and I think it’ll be something to be really proud of.”

She brings up a good point. As much as I liked the last Angels franchise, those movies don’t exactly hold up in the feminism department. They aren’t terrible in that they pass the Bechdel test, but they definitely need an update. I like that Elizabeth Banks is in charge. And I like the idea of Janelle Monae and Kristen Stewart teaming up to save the world (with Constance Wu?).  But would Kristen do it? In the past few years of her career, Kristen Stewart has stayed away from the big blockbuster and focused on smaller films. She’s proven that the Twilight franchise did her acting abilities no favours. Come at me, Twihards. Kristen Stewart’s talent is respected; she’s stayed visible enough that she’s still got name recognition and she’s still a fashion darling. She can pretty much do whatever she wants. I think Charlie’s Angels is the perfect move for her. First, we’ve never really seen Kristen do comedy. A Charlie’s Angels movie – even if it’s a feminist manifesto— can’t take itself too seriously. She’s going to have to show off her personality. To the average observer, Kristen Stewart is still that solemn introvert sulking down red carpets. A movie where she’s kicking ass next to Janelle Monae who oozes charm and likeability might be the perfect next step. 

Now, let’s talk about Kristen’s outfit. I like it a lot. High-waisted pants, a crop top, topped with a longer jacket or blazer are my whole sh-t right now. She looks great but looking at Kristen in these photos also gives me anxiety. She’s giving fierce model I Don’t Give A F-ck face in every shot. Being that cool must be exhausting.