Kristen Stewart’s hair colour has become a headline today because JustJared posted about it being dyed orange by her stylist, CJ Romero. It’s not uncommon for Kristen to show up from time to time on CJ’s Instagam but for whatever reason, no one in the media really picked up on his post, from March, pretty much exactly a month ago, until now: 


I have hair envy for the second time today. First it was Julia Roberts, now it’s Kristen Stewart. Not that I’m in a hurry to have box red hair like this but any colour is a challenge because the only way to see colour on my hair is to strip it, bleach it white, and then paint whatever colour onto it which of course would comply fry the sh-t out of my hair and I’ve also heard horror stories that it can irrevocably burn the root. A couple of years ago I interviewed an author who had long thick brown hair almost down to her ass. She decided to go for a new style, cut it a bit shorter, and wanted to go blonde. Something with the processing f-cked up her roots and now her hair won’t grow long anymore which pretty much guaranteed that I was tapping out of that dream for life. 

Anyway, back to Kristen and CJ, the other thing people are talking about is whether or not this is a violation of the lockdown restrictions. Kristen and CJ are isolating together so, no, she’s not offside. She’s just pretty luck that one of her best friends who she happens to live with happens to be a hairstylist so she doesn’t have to have sh-t hair during the pandemic. 

But what about Emma Roberts – is she violating lockdown? I dunno, maybe they’re all in a pod together? You’ve heard about quarantine pods, right? I think the official scientific sociological term is “contact clustering”. Per The Guardian: 


“…instead of keeping strictly to socialising within their own households, a couple of families or a group of friends could agree to form an exclusive social pod. Everyone in it would still avoid anything but essential contact with outsiders, but within the circle of trust, they could relax and let their guard down. Children could play together, adults might pool home-schooling duties to give themselves time to work, and lonely single people could find someone to hang out with.

Pod members wouldn’t necessarily move in with each other, but would probably need to live near each other, as well as getting on well enough to tolerate being each other’s main source of entertainment. But crucially, they’d have to care enough about each other’s welfare to be scrupulously faithful to the pod.”

Please note that according to the Guardian piece, this is an experiment that researchers are modelling right now in the event that in the future, if we have to go back into lockdown again, this might be a more holistic approach for communities. And it’s not like it’s not already happening with blended families. For celebrity examples, think of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin and their children. The kids are with G and Brad Falchuk sometimes and then they go off and hang with Chris and Dakota at other times. They all trust that the people in their pod will maintain contact with only members of the pod. Same goes for Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck. Jen is sheltering in place with their three kids and her assistant. Ben is living with Ana de Armas and goes over frequently to see them. The expectation is that all members of their pod are “scrupulously faithful” to it. 

So what if Kristen and CJ are in a pod with Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund? They’re all very, very close friends who probably deeply trust each other. 


You know who I’m thinking about right now though? Those poor Robsten truthers. I wonder if it’s extra hard on them right now because it must be extremely difficult to keep up the illusion that Kristen and Robert Pattinson are secretly married and raising multiple children together. Not when there’s a global health crisis happening and she’s in LA while he’s in London and there’s no f-cking with those facts because nobody’s allowed to travel. Robert, of course, is isolating with Suki Waterhouse and being a good Instagram Boyfriend. As for Kristen? Her girlfriend Dylan Meyer also appears to be staying with Kristen and CJ because I think this is her in the background, in the window taking the photo?