Ben Affleck was seen walking both his and Ana de Armas’s dogs on Wednesday on his own and gossips were like, is that all we’re getting to close out the week? The answer is no – he and Ana were photographed yesterday with their masks on though still not able to conceal their happiness together. Has Anna repeated an outfit yet? I wonder, did she bring all these clothes over at the start of lockdown or has she been buying online? If she’s been buying online…where from? 


In other Benana news, here’s Ana’s latest Instagram post, from yesterday: 

Ben and Ana, as we know, were in Cuba together just a few weeks ago. Presumably this photo was taken on that trip. And if so, then it was for sure taken by Ben Affleck (who jokingly asked for photo credit the last time she posted a shot of his). Which makes Ben Affleck her Instagram Boyfriend. 

For those unfamiliar with the term Instagram Boyfriend or Instagram Husband, Taylor Lorenz wrote about this for The Atlantic last year. Here’s a brief explanation – which is all the explanation you need. This is not science: 

“An Instagram husband can be any gender and sexual orientation, and he doesn’t have to be your actual husband. “Instagram boyfriend, or husband, is a loose term for whoever is the invisible person behind the camera of all of your Instagram photos,” Kaitlyn Tiffany recently explained on Why’d You Push That Button?, a podcast about technology. It’s the person who will stop traffic to get the perfect shot, or stand endlessly in the rain while you pose for photos.”


Instagram Boyfriends and Husbands are busier than ever during quarantine. I wonder how many pictures Ben has taken of Ana by now, and how many of them we’ll actually get to see. Ben, of course, played the last Batman. The new Batman is Robert Pattinson…

Who also happens to be an Instagram Boyfriend during isolation!

We know that Robert and Suki Waterhouse are sheltering in place together. And if you’ve checked her IG lately, many of the photos and videos of her at home in lockdown had to have been taken by him. These two of her eating and Juuling for sure since she has no free hands: 


And this video in the carousel of her watching and singing along on her laptop too:

And all of these: 

What have they been doing together for all these weeks? Same as you: bingeing. I guess they’re now obsessed with Ja’mie King 13 years later. This is the time for it, non? Going back and watching all the sh-t you missed.