Let’s start with Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse. Since we first found out they were dating, almost two years ago now, Robert and Suki have been pretty good about semi-regularly (but unintentionally) updating us that they’re still together. They were last seen in public at Paris Fashion Week in January. Like actually willing to be photographed side by side at a dinner. 


Prior to the COVID-19 lockdown, Robert was working on The Batman in London. They’d been at it for about seven weeks before everything was suspended. And since we don’t know when restrictions will be lifted, there’s a chance that they might not make the production schedule and the film could be pushed back. As of right now, The Batman is supposed to come out June 2021. This is a superhero movie. This is also a superhero reset: new director, new Batman, so it seems like a project that would need some significant time in post. I wonder if they’re going to be able to make the date but there’s a good chance that it’ll get pushed back along with so many other movies. And the nerds were already anxious about this one. 

In the meantime, Robert and Suki are indeed in isolation together. They were seen this weekend out for groceries and, clearly, still super into each other


Over to LA to catch up with Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin. We already knew they were locked down together and spending time with his kids as he and Gwyneth Paltrow have evidently maintained their custody arrangement. This is making me wish I had a bike. I’d love to go for a bike ride right now but if I’m honest, it’s more for the look. Dakota looks really cute with her hair breezing around like that. Last time we were on holiday and went for a bike ride, I asked Jacek to take photos of me and we had to work at it for like 15 minutes. Like, I know that celebrities like Chris and Dakota hate the paps but they really do take some flattering shots. 

UPDATE: This just in - The Batman has now been pushed back by three months to October 2021.