It was a week ago tonight that Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet premiered their relationship at Beyoncé’s birthday Renaissance in LA. Up to that point, while everyone knew they were together, they’d not yet given the culture any official confirmation…until they did. Because showing up all over each other at Club Renaissance is a hard launch. It’s the Chinese Theatre of hard launching a romance. 


But that was only part one, and on one side of the country. It’s not a tour if you don’t hit both coasts, and over in New York it just happens to be fashion week and the US Open. If the Beyoncé was the Chinese Theatre of hard launches, hard launching at NY Fashion Week and the US Open is the Times Square of hard launches. 

First it was at a private dinner hosted by Haider Ackermann dinner in celebration of his collaboration with Augustinus Bader. Haider and Timmy have long had a close relationship and Kylie wore Haider Ackerman at the Met Gala earlier this year. 

Kylie Jenner attends the 2023 Costume Institute Benefit celebrating "Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty" at Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 01, 2023 in New York City.

Kylie and Timmy reportedly met at Paris Fashion Week in January so there’s a symmetry here with their romantic progression. Are we seeing the darling new young couple of the fashion industry? 

Darling, of course, in this situation might be a controversial adjective. Because a lot of people have a LOT of thoughts about Kylie and Timmy – and most of those thoughts, from a section of Timmy’s super invested fanbase, what with him being one of the internet’s most popular boyfriends, are that they are disappointed. Which in itself has generated several think pieces interrogating that disappointment

These are two very online people. And Kris Jenner knows everything and anything there is to know. So they are very much aware of the discourse. Right now their response to it seems to be… f-ck it, we’ll just do it more, we’ll double down. 


At the US Open men’s final yesterday, Kylie and Timmy put it all the way out there. 

No complaints here. Kylie and Timmy are GREAT for gossip, on multiple levels. First of all, they look horny AF here. But also, he’s a big movie star and a fashion favourite. She’s a star, period, with a billion dollar business. They’re young, they’re known…and yet they’re unknown in that Kylie, who grew up on camera in reality television, is now in her 20s, and is starting to change her public image. 


I also find it super interesting that Timmy, also in his 20s, successful and independent, is now dating a woman who is a mother of two. There was a time in our culture, for both celebrities and civilians, where this would have been a deterrent. I’m not saying it should be a deterrent, I’m stating the fact that it was a deterrent, and remains a deterrent in some situations. And if you can understand that, you probably don’t know any single mothers. 

There’s also the practicality of her life with two young children. I know, she’s obscenely wealthy (wealthier than him, btw) and she has all the help she needs. But there are still the logistics of life when you’re a parent. There’s a schedule. Two famous people in their 20s with all kinds of money can take off whenever and wherever and do whatever they want. But when one of them is a parent, even with her resources, there still has to be a consideration for her kids, her priority. That’s another angle that makes this couple fascinating – for what they could represent as celebrity either shapes or reflects back to us a wider reality beyond the fame bubble where relationships and dating and love is concerned.