Lady Gaga’s new boyfriend is Michael Polansky. He’s a Harvard graduate, works with Sean Parker (Napster) on Parker Foundation, an organisation that supports philanthropic efforts in science, social justice, and the arts. They were first seen together on NY Eve, making out, though his identity wasn’t known at the time: 



They were together all weekend in Miami for the Super Bowl and photographed holding hands while leaving the venue. Gaga ended her engagement to Christian Carino just over a year ago now, on her way to her Oscar nominations and eventual win (for Best Song). At the time, you’ll recall, everyone was trying to rumour her with Bradley Cooper. I’m still annoyed by that because believing that Coop and Gaga were actually a thing is bad gossip instincts. 

Shortly after the Oscars, it was reported that she was spending time with Jeremy Renner. That went nowhere. Then, last summer, she and sound engineer Dan Horton were all over each other for a few weeks but, evidently, that fizzled out after a couple of months. And here we are now, Gaga and Michael Polansky, but up until this morning, no one was sure if it was all that serious. 

Definitely serious. 

Because it’s Instagram official. Like not just in IG stories but on the feed!


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A feed post is basically the promise ring of our time. It’s wearing someone’s varsity jacket. You can’t downplay a feed post. This is the exactly opposite of Megan Thee Stallion and, ugh, G-Eazy. Gaga is in LOVE. And not with Bradley Cooper, God please let that finally be dead.