Lady Gaga continues to serve looks in New York while rehearsing for her upcoming shows with Tony Bennett and whatever other recording she might be preparing for. Yesterday I posted shots of Gaga walking around in foot-high platform heels and yesterday she stepped out in a similar pair with a different dress and she also was seen today in a printed gown with a different pair of heels that are almost just as high. 


To go back to the black platforms though and the discussion yesterday about that height, I received an email from a reader who wanted to add that big heels on short women can also be about power equality. Women are still outnumbered in business, and on average, the women who earn themselves into boardrooms are typically not as tall as men. 

There have been all kinds of studies about the relationship between height and success and every few years, an article comes out about the height of CEOs and how they’re taller than the average male. Many women then have had the experience of walking into a room and feeling immediately at a power disadvantage on height, and this reader was sharing that wearing heels was like armour, literally an attempt to level the playing field. 


In Gaga’s case though, especially now in her career, she has accumulated power and capital, so there’s no way she’s not getting heard in most of the rooms she occupies…but those memories, that conditioning, they stay with you, and in that sense, heels become a habit for some women, to get them to a muscle memory of confidence. I can’t say that I feel that way personally, as for me, my confidence comes from comfort, and I’m more comfortable in flats, but I can see how it would be the case for others. 

To go back to Gaga though and these heels, on pure aesthetic and style, she definitely needs the heels with the printed, flowing dress, because the added height helps to carry it. This creamy blush shade is also really pretty.