Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone went out for dinner in LA last night and were photographed holding hands. I can’t believe he didn’t run away and duck into a trash can. Then again, Camila is, still, just 22 years old. They’ve now been together at least a year and a half and we’re still three years clear from when Camila reaches the usual Leo Bonafide Expiration Date. Will she be The One to get past her 25th birthday? She seems safe right now, Leo can’t smell 25 yet. 

Yesterday in Celebrity Social Media, Maria posted the video of Leo refusing to engage in the joke about Titanic and whether or not there was room for Jack to survive with Rose on that piece of wood. As Maria noted, he’s humourless. And he can’t go off-script. Which is what we’ve been wondering for years: how versatile is Leonardo DiCaprio? They talk about him like he’s some kind of god of acting. All kinds of acting though? Or a very specific, very contained form of acting? You know how actors always say they want to stretch themselves? Can you imagine Leo on Broadway? Can you even imagine Leo on television? 

Yes, he started on television on Growing Pains. But he also grew into the business when the Hollywood hierarchy was firmly in place: movies were the goal and television was a stepping stone to movies – a true star belonged in the movies. Then. 


I’ve been thinking about this since Duana’s post about the Emmy nominations yesterday.  As she wrote, “television is where things happen”. The movie stars are all on television: Kidman, Ali, Witherspoon, Clooney, Roberts, McConaughey, and more are coming. Leo’s producing television series but would he ever appear in a television series again? Or is that beneath him? What if Martin Scorsese wants to make a television series with Leo?