I don’t use the word “tender” often, it squicks me. But it is a good word in how precise it is. There’s no ambiguity with “tender” – you know exactly what feeling it’s supposed to evoke. And that’s exactly why I chose it for the title, because I want to you to feel whatever it is you feel whenever the word comes up while looking at these shots of Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone at the beach in Malibu. 


They were with a larger group and their dogs, they spent time in the water, but they also at one point went for a walk, just the two of them, when the paps photographed them in a rare moment of affection with Leo hugging Camila and kissing her on the forehead. 

So, with exactly a month to go before Camila’s 25th birthday, their relationship seems to be solid. And just as the Cannes Film Festival is kicking off too! Is it possible that Leo will not be single for Cannes? Is he going to Cannes? Is he skipping out on all the yachts and models? All the models on yachts? Can Camila be the one to break the age barrier and go further than any model has gone before? As I’ve mentioned, technically she’d have to turn 25 and then go two months, because Nina Agdal made it to 25 and two months before Leo expired her. 

Maybe Camila can conquer a new Leo frontier. After all, she’s the only one to have co-parented a pet with him. This is a new level of commitment. And also, it’s pretty mainstream at this point what the internet has been saying about him for years with this year 25 threshold. There’s no way they don’t know and while I’m not saying that they care, or that they live their relationship by how social media jokes about his romantic history, wouldn’t there be a little bit of a “haha you were all wrong” if they do get through the year? 


Do you believe? Will gossip history be made in 2022? 

One more note – the paparazzi agency described these shots as Leo “comforting” Camila. Not that they would know exactly what was going on between them from that far away but the suggestion of it brought up a distant but very well-known gossip memory. Remember Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston in Anguilla? It was January 2005, they were on a trip with Courteney Cox and some other friends, photographed on the beach, holding each other and kissing, with Brad wearing a t-shirt that said “TRASH” on it, and those shots were circulated around the world – without context the story was that they were more in love than ever. The next day they announced their separation and it turns out that was a farewell trip, a trip to close out their marriage. You can see those photos here

Not that this has anything to do with what’s happening with Leo and Camila. As I said above, Camila has already broken through uncharted territory with the dogs, there’s more hope for her than anyone who has come before. These photos just triggered a recall, is all. And the point is that sometimes there’s a whole different story behind celebrity pictures that will reveal itself eventually. Like…maybe he proposed!?