Leonardo DiCaprio has been in the Boston area the last few weeks preceding Christmas shooting Adam McKay’s Don’t Look Up with Jennifer Lawrence. He returned to LA just before Christmas though and was photographed with Camila Morrone at a dog park last Wednesday which is around the time I read a couple of hilarious stories about their relationship.


A source tells E! News that “Leo and Cami are still going strong and doing really well” after three years. Well, um, sure. She’s still only 23 years old. 

"He is filming right now, but Leo has been settling into this domestic life with Cami, as opposed to all the time he used to spend out with his boys," the source explained. "He does really like his life with her and they're a lot more coupley than they used to be."

LOL at this source trying to make themselves sound extra legit by referring to Camila as “Cami”. I hope that’s really her nickname. As for the rest of it, OK, source, but did you know that there’s been a pandemic happening all year? You’re making it sound like Leo’s choosing not to be out at the club and the parties with his boys when, really, there’ve been no clubs and no parties because COVID times. “Domestic life” is a requirement, actually, and not a lifestyle. 


Over at ET, they’ve actually dropped those two words: The One. A sources tells ET that: 

"They are very in love. Camila is his dream girl. She's young, sweet, simple and it's easy because she gets along well with his family and he gets along great with hers too. They've known each other forever and it just works."

What’s the word that pops out at you there? Is it “simple”? 


“Simple”, when following “young” and “sweet” is, in this context, when we’re talking about a man deep into  his 40s who has not dated anyone over 25 in, well, ever, is insulting to Camila, first of all, but also telling -  not that we needed to be told where Leo is concerned. This source thinks that they’ve given a complimentary quote about Leo and whether or not Camila is “the one”. How it ends up reading is that Leo likes them “young, sweet, simple” – imagine how much more squicky that would sound if you actually heard someone saying it out loud instead of reading it on a device. 

So is Camila “the one”? This is the game and the fantasy, isn’t it? A familiar Hollywood plot point, and Leo is very much of Hollywood. Is he George Clooney and Warren Beatty though? Or will he be Jack Nicholson?