Are we celebrating five year milestones today? In the open, I marked the fifth anniversary of Beyoncé attending Taylor Swift’s birthday party. It has also been five years since Leonardo DiCaprio went to Coachella (in 2014) and did this – you remember, don’t you? 

Total nerd. And it’s not just that he looks so f-cking corny, the choreography there suggests that there must have been…like… a rehearsal at some point. When did they practise and put these awesome cool moves together? 

Clearly it’s been too long since Leo slayed us with his gift of dance. So, at Diddy’s 50th this weekend, Leo gave us a fresh new dance vibe just in time for the holidays. Kathleen sent this to me last night with two words, “I’m screaming!”

Go ahead. Enjoy this a few more times, I’ll wait. I understand. 

The hand waving. The HUNCH. The f-cking baseball cap. Like, Beyoncé is there – who gives that much of a f-ck about your ass when it’s literally wall to wall celebrities, do you need to go undercover?! 

The best though is the expression on Camila Morrone’s face. She slowly turns away from having to look at that for much longer because, well, it’s a boner killer. And not necessarily the fact that he looks so stupid when he’s dancing but that he thinks he’s the sh-t, right? That’s his whole sh-t right there – Leo is always fronting like he’s the coolest motherf-cker in the place when, maybe, all he’s ever wanted was to be in a boy band? He acts like that sh-t is beneath him but really he knows that he just can’t hack it? Is that the secret truth? That Leo D is actually cringe as f-ck? It might also explain why he exclusively dates under 25. Anyone older than that can see it. 

Kathleen is now wondering whether or not somewhere out there is footage of the Pussy Posse doing boy band choreo. Can you imagine? Leo, Tobey Maguire, Kevin Connolly, and that magic illusionist dude (don’t remember his name and am not wasting time googling) practising the pump and nod? 


Leo, who’s never met a party he didn’t like, must have been looking forward to this night for weeks. There is no one who has worse FOMO than Leo.  

Attached - Leo out for dinner in LA on Friday Night.