I’m sure you’ve seen this already and if you have, enjoy it again – it’s Leonardo DiCaprio playing volleyball in Malibu and getting spiked in the face. In these moments, we rely on the internet to do what it does best. Do your thing, internet:


This one is my favourite though:


Kathleen wrote about Leo and volleyball last year. First it was Ansel Elgort and the block, the greatest performance of his career so far until The Goldfinch comes out. As Kathleen noted, though, Ansel was probably never invited to play Leo-ball again. You can’t block the Alpha Wolf, son, didn’t you know? Instead Scott Eastwood was invited to take Ansel’s place.

So… who’s the person who spiked Leo in the face? The answer to this question is “it doesn’t matter”, because they’re now excommunicado. Leo is the Don of the Pussy Posse. You don’t come to his beach and show your appreciation by hitting him the face with his ball. You do, however, become an online hero. 

Is this an annual tradition now? Leo + Volleyball? Like Leo + Coachella? I look forward to the next episode, perhaps on Independence Day weekend. 

As for how Leo is handling it now that the world has seen him getting smacked in the face by a volleyball – oh I’m sure, I’m sure he’s cool as f-ck, unbothered. Do you think, though, that it bothers him that we all make the jokes now, anything he does, we relate it to his aversion to going near a woman over the age of 25? Does it embarrass him? 

Probably not. And that’s part of the problem. It’s likely a point of pride.