Last time I posted about Lewis Hamilton it was just about a couple of weeks ago when he was seen in LA after weeks and weeks of growing speculation – and angst – over his silence. Lewis went off the grid after the controversy of the last race of the 2021 season in Abu Dhabi and the whole sport was in their feelings about it. 


This weekend Lewis was in New York, in a great outfit, as usual – matching printed Gucci tracksuit with striped trim, gorgeous yellow cross-body, and the perfect, perfect pink toque! I’m looking for a new pink beanie with exactly the right shade of pink, and this is it. 

But the fashion is secondary right now. Because whether Lewis would return to the track has been the question and this weekend, he finally posted on Instagram after going quiet for nearly two months. 


So he’s back in IG… but is he back with Mercedes? This just in today, super fresh. From the Mercedes account. 

We are six weeks from the start of the F1 2022 season (and I hope getting closer to the release date of the new season of Drive to Survive). It’s time to get in the new car and start testing it. The car was an issue at the beginning of last season and they didn’t get their sh-t together until the last third of the season. Lewis was super frustrated with car performance and now that he’s back, given what happened with him not winning another title, which means he’s probably hungrier than ever, and as demanding of this car as he’s ever been – as he should be!