That was quick. Last month, Liam Payne and Cheryl (good thing she never changed her last name to Payne) broke up after two and a half years and one baby named Bear. Photos have now surfaced of Liam and 20-year-old model Cairo Dwek holding hands in Italy last week. 

If you remember Liam and Cheryl’s breakup statement, they blamed their split on being at “different stages of their lives”. There was an 11 year age gap between the exes and I theorized that 24-year-old Liam’s life stage probably didn’t involve staying at home to raise a baby, or living with her mom. There were also cheating rumours earlier this year involving Liam and a backup dancer but Cheryl shot them down. Now, just 6 weeks after they announced their breakup, Liam is on a romantic getaway with another woman. 

As Lainey has noted before,  celebrity relationships do not proceed at a normal pace. Things are accelerated. If Cheryl was a close girlfriend of mine and she told me that her ex was in Lake Como with an Instagram model a month after they broke up, I’d think it was serious. I’d assume that there was some overlap. But Liam and Cairo reportedly met at a club in Cannes after his breakup with Cheryl. They flirted and then Liam set some thirst traps on Instagram – liking her photos and posting sexy shirtless shots, as one does. Apparently, it worked because Liam and Cairo have taken their fling from France to Italy and they’re now in the handholding-in-public phase. 

Liam is allowed to move on, of course, but it’s kind of a dick move to be PDAing all over the place with his new girlfriend just weeks after he broke up with the mother of his child, no? We know that celebrity relationships don’t follow the same timelines as the rest of us but there’s still common decency. Let’s hope Liam told Cheryl about Cairo (are we going to talk about how their names feel eerily similar and they almost look alike? Liam has a type) before she had to find out about her in the Daily Mail

As for what Cheryl’s been up to while her baby daddy is gallivanting through Europe, she’s working on a new show for the BBC called The Greatest Dancer. She’s also set to release new music in October.  Cheryl isn’t one to stay quiet in times like this. She usually takes to Twitter to respond to gossip, while claiming to never respond to gossip, so since she’s also got an album to promote soon, I’m guessing we’ll be hearing from her. 

You can see the photos of Liam and Cairo here. I know this isn’t the point but I like Cairo’s leather jacket, jean shorts and sneakers combo. 

Attached - Liam arriving at Heathrow yesterday.