Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Magic School Bus

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It’s week one of our Show Your Work hiatus, and already Lainey and I have sent a dozen articles back and forth that could have been included or that might be fodder for Season 2.  If we were doing an episode today, Lin-Manuel Miranda singing the new theme song for the Netflix revival of The Magic School Bus would definitely be on the list. And not because it’s such a huge career moment or because it’s such a departure for him—neither is true. In fact, the reason I’m interested in it as a career move is because it is so clearly, unabashedly, not for any other reason than LMM wanting to do it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they paid well and they’re promoting it as ‘his version’ of the song… but still.

You guys, this song and this show are unabashedly nerdy in the best way possible. I LOVE the OG Magic School Bus song, and once you love the theme song, just try not to watch the show. My favourite is the School Bus going into the human body, obviously, but the whole show was a blast.

So with all the billions of demands that you know are on LMM’s time, with all the  requests and scripts that are coming in, and all the people who would say yes tomorrow if he wrote another musical, or wanted to play a founding father in a movie, Lin-Manuel Miranda obviously sang the theme song for The Magic School Bus Rides Again because he, like the rest of us, has been singing the damn song for the last 23 years and can’t get it out of his head.

There’s a saying in the TV & movie business – “Two for the pocketbook, one for the heart” – meaning that for every two projects you sign onto because you have to eat, one of them can be the little tiny project you just want to do because you can’t not. That is, that’s the rule for the general public.

For someone as spectacularly successful as Lin-Manuel Miranda, it’s conceivable that they can all be heart projects, at least for the foreseeable future—and I love that he’s not immediately breaking into rom-coms or trying to release an album. I know I am a total LMM stan and thus not as objective as I could be, but I love that this spectacularly nerdy (but still star-studded-- Kate McKinnon plays the “new” Mrs. Frizzle, who is Lily Tomlin’s younger sister, AHEM), relatively tiny little project is what grabs his attention the most… and something I suspect even other celebs envy a LOT.

Attached - Lin-Manuel Miranda attending An Evening With Lin-Manuel Miranda and the USTA Foundation Opening Night Gala in New York last week. 

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