Both Drake’s “Toosie Slide” and Lindsay Lohan’s “Back to Me” were released on April 3rd. This week, Drake made history when “Toosie Slide” debuted at #1 on the Billboard 100. “Back To Me”…err…faded into the predicted?


Lindsay is quarantining in Dubai right now along with her sister Ali. On Tuesday, Lindsay was a guest on David Spade’s Light’s Out: Live from the Bunker. Comedy Central cancelled the show at the beginning of April, although Spade has continued the show on Facebook. So it’s an interesting choice for an appearance, especially if she’s trying to promote her music. Why not something that has a bigger audience? Did she choose Spade’s show or is Lindsay no longer someone who can score top slot interviews? 

This interview is a hard watch by the way. It’s like watching someone and their family member shoot the sh-t over FaceTime. Which is to say, sometimes there’s good stuff, but mostly there’s just awkward pauses and a random smattering of topics that you can’t remember how you got onto in the first place. Oh, and a family member pokes their head in to say hi. 

What’s sad is that even though Lindsay and David actually get on some good, meaty topics, there’s no real questioning or follow-up. Topics like LL’s experiences as a child celebrity or her relationship with LA get brushed off in favour of David making an unfunny sarcastic quip that disrupts the flow of the interview. (Did you know that LL hasn’t been to LA in 10 years? Actually 7 or 8 according to my calculations. After everything that happened, I can see why, but it’s still surprising to me.)


The soundbite getting the most attention is LL’s comment about Mean Girls. She says, “I think that I was hanging on to that for a really long time. I kind of wanted to come back with like a Mean Girls 2…That was what I really wanted. I was excited to do that.” This is actually the third time Lindsay Lohan has talked about a Mean Girls sequel. The first was in the summer of 2017, when she tweeted at Emma Stone. The second was the winter of the same year where she stressed that making the sequel was “the importance”.

Now we’re talking about it again. LL gets it. She knows that any mention of Mean Girls will spark interest. I mean, we’re talking about her right now aren’t we? That’s because Mean Girls is a certified cult movie. I STILL see people quoting it; Ariana even made a music video of it! 

The thing is, Mean Girls has moved on. There is a Mean Girls 2 (a fact which I learned just now, although I don’t think anyone really accepts it as a real sequel), a Broadway musical, and now a movie musical reboot with a brand new cast. LL’s comment is past tense. Has she moved on as well? And if she’s moved on, then why are we still talking about Mean Girls?

Realistically, with all that’s going on with the franchise, there’s little room for a sequel with the original cast. It breaks my heart too, but it’s probably not happening. LL leaves the question in “their” (Tina Fey’s and the producers’) hands meaning that either LL is in denial and wants it to happen, or she recognizes that maybe it’s an opportunity to help her launch her next career move. Note how she quickly follows it up with her next acting gig in the movie Cursed, alongside Mickey Rourke.


Let’s assume for a moment that a Mean Girls 2 with LL and the original cast is possible. Would that be good for Lindsay? The press and the hype could be a good way to showcase that she’s willing to put in the work. But there’s probably no room for error. That’s a lot of pressure.

That’s also probably why it’ll never happen. The potential of a Mean Girls sequel will always be better than the sequel itself. But, if LL wants to fight to stay in the public consciousness, she’s going to need to give us more than that.

You can watch the interview here: