Earlier this week, Lindsay Lohan announced that she was coming back (for the 530th time) teasing new music. Today, LL released her song “Back To Me” along with a lyric video scheduled to drop at 12:30pm ET today.

“Back To Me” is obviously supposed to be a comeback anthem. LL sings:

“My life is full of ripped up pages
I’ve been weak, contagious
But I’m coming back, I’m coming back to me”

Lindsay also explained the intention behind the song when she shared the promo on April 1st. 

While I can tell that “Back To Me” wants to do more, the lyrics fall short in terms of communicating the intended message. Some of the lines don’t even really make sense. “And now these Sundays got me feeling like Mondays”…. ?????? Even though the sentiment carries forward, there’s an undeniable vagueness in Lindsay Lohan’s comeback song; she’s coming back to “me”, but we don’t really know who “me” is. 

As I said earlier, this isn’t actually LL’s first comeback attempt. So, to make a whole song about how you’re letting go of the past and moving on…it’s like, we’ve been here girl. “Back To Me” struggles internally with its lyrics. It’s promoting acceptance and letting go, but the whole song is about what she did/should’ve done. Wouldn’t a more interesting take be focusing on what 2020 Lindsay Lohan is going to do? We’re tired of hearing about you coming back. Tell us where you’re going.

“Back To Me” desperately wants to be “Piece of Me”, but rather than doubling down on sticking a middle finger up to the haters like Britney did, it tries to “shut out the noise”. There’s potential in that idea but Lohan’s execution doesn’t really sell me on it…although it’s not a bad song. I’m a sucker for any dance beat with a decent drop. But, it’s also not a great song. And that might be LL’s biggest obstacle in her music career. With music industry giants also releasing music today, “Back To Me” is getting lost in the shuffle. It’s not memorable enough.

LL has been working on “Back to Me” since at least the summer. In July, she teased a 9 second demo of the song, and then also a longer version a few months later on her Instagram. Everything was quickly taken down, but that means that she’s been working on this song for a relatively long time.

I want Lindsay Lohan to be successful, and although it may not succeed in its goal, “Back To Me” reminds us of what Lindsay Lohan went through. Although it all can’t be attributed to Hollywood’s toxic culture, that definitely plays a big part in what happened. There’s potential here, but Lindsay is going to have to make some major changes. Is LL going to put in the work and improve her music career? Or are we looking at another comeback next year with a completely different project?